Road construction grant recipients include Warsaw, Winona Lake and Kosciusko County

The state of Indiana announced Wednesday afternoon the awarding of matching grants for road construction for numerous taxing units in Northern Indiana.

The money will be available to pay for half the cost of identified projects. Communities then use money from local option income tax, wheel tax or rainy day funds, according to information provided by the state.

The community crossings grant money was announced by the Indiana Department of Transportation. The grants were awarded to counties, towns and cities. Among those in and around Kosciusko County:

-Kosciusko County: $997,028

-Warsaw: $720,346

-Winona Lake: $311,873

-Milford: $41,911

-Leesburg: $34,719

-Nappanee: $105,001

-Cromwell: $17,221

-Bremen: $163,410

-Bourbon: $53,219

-North Manchester: $127,344

-Marshall County: $1 million