Salads and wraps produced in Indianapolis being recalled

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued a recall on products made in Indianapolis.  There are concerns that salad and wrap products made by Caito Foods could have Cyclospora contamination.

The beef, pork and poultry salad and wrap items were produced between July 15 to 18, with the either “Best By,” “Enjoy by,” Best if Sold By” or “Sell By” dates ranging from July 18 through July 23.

Kroger and Walgreen’s have sold the affected items.

If you have any of the below products in your refrigerator, you are advised to throw them out or return them to the store.

  • Wrap Roast Beef 4/9.5z – Gordon Food Service
  • Salad Chicken Caesar 4/7.5z – Gordon Food Service
  • Salad Santa Fe Chkn 4/8.75z – Gordon Food Service
  • Salad Chicken Caesar 4/7.5z – Unknown
  • Salad Chef Ham&Trky 4/8.25z – Unknown
  • Wrap Roast Beef 4/9.5z – Unknown
  • Salad Cobb 6/12.5z – Unknown
  • Salad Sm Grdn w/Chckn 6/11.7z – Unknown
  • Salad Sm Caesar w/Chckn 6/10z – Unknown
  • Salad Small Chef 6/9.2z – Unknown
  • Salad Lrg Caesar w/Chckn 4/16z – Unknown
  • Salad Chef 1/12z – Kroger
  • Salad Caesar Chicken 1/10.5z – Kroger
  • Salad Chicken Cobb 1/13z – Kroger
  • Wrap Chicken Caesar 1/12.3z – Kroger
  • Salad Trky Ovngld Cobb 1/12.25z – Kroger
  • Salad EvrRst Chckn Caes 1/11z – Kroger
  • Salad Chef Salad 1/14z – Kroger
  • Salad Czar & Chicken 1/9z TJs – Trader Joe’s
  • Salad Chin Ckn Inspd 1/12z TJs – Trader Joe’s
  • Wrap Chicken Tarragon 10z TJs – Trader Joe’s
  • WG SantaFe Salad & Chkn 1/11.5 – Walgreen’s
  • WG Asian Salad & Chkn 1/10.25z – Walgreen’s
  • WG Chicken Caesar 1/10.25z – Walgreen’s
  • WG Chef & Ham&Trky 1/11.5z – Walgreen’s

Cyclospora infection is an illness cause by the intestinal parasite, Cyclospora cayetanensis. The incubation period for Cyclospora ranges from two to 14 days, which would include the dates of July 25 through August 6.