SCAM ALERT: Fake debt collectors and company confusion

NAPPANEE (WNDU) — Scammers are usually trying to con people out of money using a national organization, not this time. This time, they are claiming they are with a business located in Nappanee.

According to our partners at WNDU, Schmucker LP Gas got a disturbing call from one of its customers. That customer says they got two calls from someone saying they are trying to collect $89 from them. That caller is saying he is from Schmucker LP Gas.

They also said if a credit card was available, the information they need could be taken from that and the problem could be solved over the phone.

Well, the customer knew better so they hung up. It didn’t stop there. The scammer then called back saying this is very serious and that customer needed to pay right now. Again, the customer didn’t buy it.

If this happens to you, what do you do? According to Dreama Jensen with the Better Business Bureau says…

If you get a threatening debt collection call by phone make sure you report them to the Attorney General’s office for fraud. That number is 1800-382-5516. You also want to contact the BBB at 574-675-9351.