Search warrant results in arrest of Porter County man

A search warrant issued on a Porter County man resulted in his arrest.

The warrant was issued by the Porter County Prosecutor on Donald Furscik, 41, of Valparaiso, for violation of a protective order, according to Indiana State Police.

On Friday, Sept. 22, state police detectives went to Furscik’s home in Valparaiso to serve the warrant.

 A condition of the protective order was that Furscik, who is a licensed federal firearms dealer, was not allowed to possess or purchase firearms.  It was alleged that Furscik may not have been in compliance with that order.

Furscik was taken into custody without incident on a traffic stop in Valparaiso.  Police found firearms, ammunition and blasting ordinances during a search of the home, state police reported.

The Porter County Sheriff Department’s Bomb Squad was called to the scene.  It was later found these blasting ordinances were inert.

Furscik was taken to the Porter County Jail.