Seeking Emergency and Preventive Care is Vital; Patient shares her recent experience at Lutheran Hospital

(Photo Supplied/Lutheran Hospital)

Emergent health needs will not stop for COVID-19.

Luthera Health Network continues to urge the local community to seek emergency care when it is needed – without delay. Receiving urgent medical treatment can make all the difference in determining the final outcome – a message Julia Hinshaw can strongly support.

After undergoing an endoscopic procedure to place a stent toward the end of January, Hinshaw went back for a follow-up appointment, which revealed the stent was no longer in place. After a round of various scans and the development of severe back pain, it was determined she would undergo an additional procedure in early April to remove the stent. While the procedure was successful, it meant Julia would be required to spend time in the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I immediately noticed the various precautions being taken, not just by the gastroenterology staff, but throughout all of Lutheran Hospital,” said Hinshaw. “I never once felt unsafe but instead felt very protected by all who played a part in my care.”

Among those contributing to her care were Andrew Katz, MD, and Ashish Sharma, MD. Experiencing a health issue while receiving care during a worldwide pandemic, Hinshaw stressed how both physicians provided her extended comfort and assurance during this time. “I know I am just one of their many patients, but their individualized care for me was so genuine,” she said. “Dr. Sharma made sure I knew that he was reachable at any time of the day if I ever had any complications.”

Among the precautions currently implemented throughout the network, all individuals who enter any LHN facility, including staff, are screened. Additionally, employees, physicians and patients are expected to wear masks. Care for those with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 is delivered in a restricted, isolated area away from other patients. Cleaning and disinfection are emphasized in caregiving areas and throughout the facility, including high-touch items like door handles, elevator buttons, tables and chairs.

“Do not by any means hesitate to call or schedule an appointment – things could transition quickly and get much worse,” Hinshaw concluded. “You never know what is around the corner.”

Receiving urgent medical treatment could be the difference between life and death. Call 911, go to the hospital and get the help you need – without delay. To make a telehealth appointment, call the provider’s office directly or Lutheran Health Physicians at 844-546-3627. The practice will provide instructions about the telehealth visit when the appointment is scheduled. For more information about this service, visit .