Senator Donnelly applauds Trump call to declare North Korea a terrorism sponsor

President Donald Trump’s announcement on North Korea Monday has meet the applause of an embattled Indiana lawmaker.

President Trump says he wants to designate North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism; a designation that went away early in Barack Obama’s presidential term.

Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly applauded the move in a statement Monday.

“I have repeatedly called for stronger action against the rogue Kim regime, and I welcome President Trump’s decision to re-designate North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. I hope the Senate will quickly take up and pass bipartisan legislation I helped shape to again increase sanctions on North Korea and its backers, and I will continue pressing for the president to present Congress with an effective strategy to counter the growing threat posed by Kim Jong Un’s nuclear arsenal.”

This comes after Donnelly was able to slip in a provision in last week’s national defense bill requiring President Trump to release a strategy on North Korea within 90 days of his signature.