Seven Ways To Rock A Job Interview

With the Warsaw Winter Job Fair approaching January 30, job-seekers may want to brush up on their interview skills.

Though you may have done it several times before, interviewing for a job can be nerve-wracking. Help reduce stress and find success by using these Seven Ways To Rock A Job Interview:


  1. Dress for Success– It may sound funny, but you can actually begin preparing for your job interview in your closet! Make sure you have the appropriate attire picked out in advance so you can launder, dry clean, or iron it as needed. Wearing a suit is always a safe bet, but at minimum be sure to dress business casual– nice pants and a professional-looking shirt. Make sure your clothes are stain-free and not distracting from the focus of the interview– which is your qualifications!
  2. Practice and Prepare- You want to make sure to highlight the right things about yourself in a job interview. For that reason, you want to have a muscle memory of some of the things you want to mention. By practicing you can be sure that your answers to questions are thoughtful and well-presented. Try writing some bullet-points on note cards and practicing them in front of the mirror until you’re confident with your responses!
  3. Make A Good First Impression- You want to begin your interaction with a potential employer on the right foot. Approach your interviewer with a professional attitude, be sure to use your first and last name when you identify yourself, and give them a confident hand-shake. Express interest in the position, but do not beg, bribe, or promise things you cannot deliver. Have several copies of your resume available so that your interviewer can have a copy or two. Most importantly, always keep the conversation polite and professional.
  4. Show What You Know- Interviews are a time to get to know your future employer and let yourself shine in the process. Don’t shy away from sharing your qualifications and work experience with them! At the same time, be sure to be honest. Don’t oversell yourself– be realistic about what you know. If something comes up that highlights a skill you may lack, express your eagerness to learn! Know yourself well enough to tell the interviewer why you’d be an asset to their team.
  5. Remember Your Body Language- Another reason it’s important to practice in front of a mirror is because you may use some hand gestures or facial expressions that you don’t realize. Keeping your face approachable during a conversation with a potential employer is important– even though you may be frowning because you are thinking of how to answer their question, its best to keep your face looking upbeat throughout the interact. Also beware of excessive “hand-talking”– you want the interviewer to be focused on your answers, not on a behavior you don’t realize you’re doing.
  6. Ask Questions- While you make think an interview is when a potential employer asks YOU questions, it’s important to also ask them some things! Having some questions about the job functions or work environment shows that you care. It also ensures that you don’t come off as “desperate” during the interview– employers want to see that you’re weighing your options to find the best fit during your job search.
  7. Follow Up- A first impression is crucial, but so is a lasting impression. Keep your name relevant by sending a thank you card or email after the interview. To do this, be sure to get the business card of the person you interviewed with. You can also ask the interviewer what the best way to reach them is– some people prefer email over phone, etc. Either way, be sure to get their contact information and reach out a few days after the interview to thank them for their time and tell them you’re interested in further discussing the opportunity.

Those looking to connect with employers can put these job interview tips to use by attending the Warsaw Winter Job Fair on Tuesday, January 30th from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at Vitale Events in the 2517 Building next to the Wyndham Garden Inn Warsaw.