Small Manufacturing Companies At Forefront Of Economic Growth

Manufacturing remains at the forefront of economic growth in Northwest Indiana, and smaller companies appear to be the ones at the head of the movement. A piece in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune says manufacturing jobs in the region, and much of the state, contributed almost 100 billion dollars to Indiana’s gross domestic product. The sector employed more than half a million Hoosiers last year, as well.

Steel remains a major source of manufacturing jobs in the region, but state officials note the small- and medium-sized manufacturers are most responsible for growth. The Indiana Economic Development Corporation said more than 20 manufacturers have worked with the agency on expansion plans in Lake and Porter counties alone since January 2013, adding more than 1,800 jobs. The IEDC also points out that tax incentives have contributed to the overall growth, but locating their operations in Indiana is also attractive to companies due to factors such as lower workers’ compensation-related costs.