Stacey Page & Others Named in Civil Lawsuit

(Article from The Times Union)

Barnett’s Bail Bonds Inc., The Papers Inc., Stacey Staley, formerly of, and three bail agents are being sued by the victim of a 2014 shooting and his mother.
On Monday, Larry Helman and his mother, Atta, both of Cromwell, filed a civil action against Barnett’s Bail Bonds Inc., The Papers Inc., Stacey Staley, formerly of, Tadd Martin, Daniel Foster and Michael Thomas. The suit was filed in Kosciusko County Circuit Court. Larry Helman’s twin brother, Gary, died during the shooting.
The counts alleged are as follows: negligence, battery to Atta Helman, battery to Larry Helman, trespassing, residential entry and intimidation. The plaintiffs, represented by Anthony Rose, South Bend, demand a trial by jury.
The first count of negligence is against all defendants. According to the lawsuit, Martin negligently fired his gun, wounding Larry with two bullets. Larry suffered from substantial pain, injuries, medical bills and lost wages due to Martin’s actions.
Staley was negligent toward the Helmans by providing information to bounty hunters in anticipation of a violent confrontation, the suit claims, and Larry and Atta both suffered injuries due to the defendant’s actions.
Staley also provided the information to the bounty hunters to gain notoriety for her then-employer, The Papers, by being the first reporter on scene, the suit claims. Barnett’s Bonds is liable because Martin, Foster and Thomas were employed there. The Papers is liable because Staley was acting as an employee at the time, according to the suit.
The count of negligence against Barnett’s Bonds Inc. states that Barnett’s failed to train and supervise bounty hunters it employed, resulting in the Helmans’ injuries. The Papers Inc. count of negligence refers to the alleged improper training and supervision of Staley while she was present at the Helmans’ home.
The first battery count alleges that Martin intentionally shoved Atta to the floor in an insolent matter. The second battery count claims that Larry was intentionally shoved to the ground by Thomas and shot twice by Martin.
The trespassing complaint is against Martin, Thomas and Foster for entering the Helmans’ home in Cromwell without consent and refusing to then leave. The damage includes bullet holes in the interior and exterior of the home. A residential entry complaint is alleged against Martin for using force to enter the home.
The final complaint listed in the suit is for intimidation. The suit states that Martin pointed his gun at Atta’s head to gain entry into the home against her will. In all eight counts, the plaintiffs seek damage compensation, attorney fees and all other just and proper relief.
No court dates with Judge Michael Reed have been set at this time. Rose could not be reached for comment. Summons have been issued for all defendants.
The lawsuit results from a shooting incident that occurred Aug. 25, 2014, at the home of Atta Hellman, 9174 Doswell Blvd., Cromwell.
During that shooting, Larry Helman’s brother, Gary, was killed and Larry was injured. The brothers’ mother, Atta Helman, was in the home, according to police reports filed at the time of the shootings.
The shootings occurred when bail agents Martin, Thomas and Foster attempted to take Gary Helman into custody. Helman was wanted in Kosciusko County on a warrant. At the time of the incident, he was free on a $10,000 bond after being charged with battery resulting in bodily injury, resisting law enforcement and failure to appear, all resulting from a September 2013 incident.
When police arrived at the scene, they found Martin lying between two vehicles in the driveway with gunshot wounds to his leg and forearm.
Thomas was rendering first aid to Martin. Police also encountered Foster, who told them he, Martin and Thomas were bail agents.
Police also found Larry Helman lying on the back porch of the home with a gunshot wound to the back. He was pulled to safety and given medical attention, police reports indicate.
After securing the outside of the home, police went inside and found Gary Helman lying in a back bedroom. Medical personnel attended to him, but he was later pronounced dead at the scene from an apparent gunshot wound, police said.
Martin was transported by ambulance to Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, and Larry Helman was transported by ambulance to Parkview Hospital, Fort Wayne.
When questioned following the incident, Foster and Thomas told police that Martin had been doing some jobs for Barnett Bailbonds. Barnett contacted Martin about trying to apprehend Gary Helman.
They said they had been working on the case for approximately two months.
Foster told police he and Martin began doing surveillance on the Helman residence and Martin started getting information from a reporter named Stacey. The lawsuit claims Stacey is Stacey Staley, the operator of a website at the time known as The suit further claims Stacey Staley was an employee of The Papers Inc.
Foster said Martin was the only one who had contact with Stacey by phone.
Foster told police the plan to apprehend Gary Helman included Stacey doing an interview with Gary Helman and verifying that he was in the home. Foster said after they had that established, through Stacey, they would attempt to apprehend Gary Helman, police reports indicate.
Foster told police he, Martin and Thomas started watching the residence around 3 p.m. Stacey was in the residence from 3:30 to 5 p.m. when she left the residence. Foster told police Stacey texted Martin, verifying that Gary Helman was in the residence and identified what all three – Gary, Larry and Atta Helman were wearing.
Shortly afterward the three moved in closer to the residence.
Foster said he was toward the southeast corner of the residence and Martin and Thomas were on the north side. Foster said Martin had Stacey call the Helman home phone and talk to Gary Helman to again confirm he was in the residence. Foster said Martin radioed him and Thomas and said Stacey had called the home and Gary Helman answered.
Foster said Martin radioed him to go to the front door, start beating on it and yell “warrant” over and over. Foster told police he did this in hopes that Gary Helman would run out the back door.
Foster said he was at the front door banging and yelling for 10 to 15 seconds when he heard gunshots going off.
Thomas told police he and Martin made their way around to the back door of the home and that Larry Helman came out and turned away from them.
Thomas told police that is when Martin made entry into the residence to try to apprehend Gary Helman. Thomas said Larry Helman turned around and he and Larry Helman got into a pushing match.
Thomas told police Martin wasn’t in the residence long when he started hearing gunshots. Thomas said he heard a round whiz by his head and that’s when he jumped off the deck and ran east to a neighbor’s residence to call 911.
Thomas then told police he went around the front of the house where he found Foster attending to the wounded Martin. Thomas said he attended to Martin while Foster went to the road to direct police and emergency personnel to the scene.

Photo courtesy The Elkhart Truth
Photo courtesy The Elkhart Truth