Status conference set for Kosciusko County Fair motorized racing case

("Scales of Justice" by North Charleston, C.C. BY-SA 2.0)

A date and time has been set for the status conference in the ongoing fairgrounds lawsuit over motorized racing.

Special Judge and Elkhart Superior Court II Judge Stephen Bowers has set it for 8:30 a.m. March 15. Counsel will participate by phone.

On Monday, Kosciusko County Community Fair Inc., through its legal counsel, moved for the Kosciusko County Circuit Court to lift the stay of proceedings and to set a status conference in the matter.

In May, Kosciusko County Circuit Court Judge Michael Reed enjoined the Fair from holding motorized racing at the fairgrounds while a lawsuit to halt the racing heads toward trial. The suit to stop racing was filed by four plaintiffs, Winona Lake homeowners.

On June 12, the change of judge was granted and the case ended up with Bowers. Also on June 12, the Fair pursued an appeal of Reed’s preliminary injunction order.

On Sept. 4, after a status conference, the Court issued an order indicating the case would be set for further status conference/case management conference upon resolution of the issues before the Court of Appeals, with all other matters deferred in the trail court until that time, according to Monday’s motion.

On Dec. 20, the Indiana Court of Appeals issued an order affirming Reed’s May 16 preliminary injunction order.

Both sides gathered for a mediation hearing in December, but could not reach a compromise.