Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Still Time To Submit Local Photos For Parkview Kosciusko Hospital Décor

As construction expanding Parkview Warsaw to become Parkview Kosciusko Hospital (PKH) continues, hospital leaders continue to gather local photos for consideration as possible artwork in the new facility.

With the deadline for submissions coming up on Nov. 1, photographers still have time to capture shots of seasonal beauty and Kosciusko County life.

Images can have subject matter as expansive as landscapes or as intimate as a face-to-face encounter with wildlife. The latter is exactly the kind of photo local resident Donna Propp decided to submit when she happened to snap a close-up of a squirrel peering at her from the safety of a hollowed-out knot in a tree on her property.

“We have a tree in front of our house on Main Street in Warsaw that has been a ‘squirrel haven’ for years,” said Propp. “The squirrels regularly build nests inside the tree, so several times a year, we’ll see little heads popping out, when the babies are old enough to explore. They’re quite entertaining, especially when they begin to venture out.”

Propp’s shot, “Main Street Squirrel,” is the first photo submission to have been chosen by the committee gathering photos for the décor project. Committee members were captivated by the quirky image and feel it will bring plenty of smiles to patients, visitors and hospital co-workers, according to a news release from Parkview.

The committee is still in the process of reaching out to photographers who’ve already submitted their photos, as well as accepting new submissions. Amateur and professional photographers may send photos that represent the rich heritage, beauty and diversity of the community. Images of landscapes and natural beauty (including wildlife), architecture, industry, people, places, sporting events or school and community activities will be considered – any appropriate subject reflecting the culture of Kosciusko County, past and present.

Chosen submissions will be matted, framed and displayed with pride within the hospital. Individuals whose photos are chosen will be informed of the selection and will receive photography credit on or near the photo as it is displayed in the hospital facility. It is anticipated that Parkview Kosciusko Hospital will be operating as a full-service hospital in summer 2023.

There is no limit to the number of photographs that may be submitted to Kosciuskoart@parkview.com by Nov. 1.

Photo submissions must be accompanied by the photographer’s name and preferred phone number, status as an amateur or professional photographer and the photographer’s career profession.

All photos must be high-resolution digital images. Files should be large enough (at least 3 – 5 MB) so they can be printed at 300 dpi or greater at a size of at least 12 inches by 18 inches. Photos may be black-and-white or color, new or vintage, but they must have been taken in Kosciusko County. Each photo should be accompanied by a short description, including specifics as to where and when the photograph was taken. If people are shown in the photo, it must be accompanied by a photo release signed by the individual(s) shown, as well as their printed names.

If you are interested in submitting photos and have questions or need a photo release, email Kosciuskoart@parkview.com.