Student in custody after bringing gun to Rise Up Academy

A 17-year-old student is in trouble with the law after police say they brought a gun to school.

It happened on Thursday, Sep. 6, at Rise Up Academy.

School leaders were told about the gun by a student.

An off duty Bristol police officer found the gun in a juvenile’s backpack, according to South Bend Police and the student who brought the weapon on to the school grounds was taken into custody.

The school district provided the following statement:

This morning, a Rise Up Academy student reported to an administrator that there was a weapon present at school. Following safety protocols, school officials were able to immediately locate a gun and identify the student involved. Law enforcement took the student who brought the gun into custody. The student who reported the weapon is to be commended for their actions.

It is important to note that all school personnel took this matter very seriously and acted in a swift manner. Student safety is of the utmost importance to Rise Up Academy.