Student loan payback pushed back to October

(Network Indiana) — You may be one of the one in seven Hoosiers who owes student loan repayments. Because of the pandemic, the deferment of all deferments has pushed back the repayment until October 1. After that, you have to start paying again.

“Definitely do not wait until the fall to sort of set a path forward for your repayment, if you’re not feeling confident about your finances or your abili8ty to resume payments,” said Andrew Pentis, a counselor with Student Loan Hero, a non-profit that helps people figure out how to pay for college.

He said it’s a good idea, if you’re having financial trouble because of the pandemic or for other reasons, to start by calling you federal loan servicer and discussing economic forbearance or deferment.

You might have heard that the Biden administration is reviewing its authority to forgive $10,000 in student loan debt, via executive order. Pentis said, don’t bank on it.

“Certainly if you’re a federal student borrower the news of potential forgiveness is great news. But, definitely don’t pin all your hopes on it coming down the pike,” he said. Pentis said that conservative lawmakers may challenge any executive order in court, due to the high cost to taxpayers.

He said to remember that the Biden administration is talking, for now, about $10,000.

“Particularly in Indiana where the average balance is over $30,000, even if the Biden administration does come through and fulfill this $10,000 pledge, many borrowers across the State of Indiana are still gonna have big balances to repay.”

He said thebest advice is to get ahead of it before the loans come due again.