Students Learn More Than 3 ‘R’s’ In Workshops At WCHS

Warsaw Community High School students are participating in teacher-led workshops thanks to a change in the bell schedule.
In 2015, for the fall semester, Warsaw Community High School implemented a new bell schedule.
According to a Warsaw Community Schools’ press release, the schedule allows for block periods twice a week so teachers can create lessons that are more in depth and “hands-on.” In addition, an embedded enrichment period occurs once a week on Thursdays. Throughout the year, enrichment has been used for speakers, informational meetings and educational guidance.
Enrichment opportunities took on a whole new meaning for students after Andy Tomasik, art department leader, proposed the question, “How can we further enrich students’ lives during the enrichment period?” and shared his dream of teachers being able to offer workshops or sessions on a topic of their choice. The remaining department leaders jumped on board with his idea.
Brenda Linky, special services coordinator, ran with the idea and organized the sessions. The first step was to survey teachers, ask them to think outside the box relating to their personal skills and talents and offer a “workshop” not necessarily related to their subject area.
Linky said, “I was blown away by the responses. I had no idea that the staff had so many hidden talents.”
The students had over 100 different workshop topics from which to choose Thursday. Topics ranged from yoga, martial arts, robotics for women, jewelry making, art therapy, stress management, board games, knitting to how to make a fly-tie, just to name a few.
Troy Akers, WCHS principal said, “It is exactly this type of opportunity that we had hoped we could offer students when we implemented the new schedule. I appreciate all the hard work and creativity by the teachers to make this opportunity a reality.”

(Story By The Times Union)