Suspicious white van reported in Kosciusko County

Several Kosciusko County residents have been reporting a suspicious white van over the past weekend.

The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department says the first sighting was on Friday in Leesburg. Officers were told an older male stopped the white van at a residence and was talking to a small juvenile. When the child’s parents approached, the man in the van immediately fled the area.

Additional calls about the van continued to come in over the weekend. Sheriff’s Deputies say the driver was approaching residences in the southern portion of Kosciusko County. Reportedly he was also exiting the vehicle to knock on the front door of these homes.

Though its unclear if the Leesburg incident is connected to the other calls, the¬†Sheriff’s Department is suggesting parents be vigilant and cognitive during this time.

Kosciusko County Sheriff Goshert says you should not hesitate to contact local law enforcement to report a vehicle acting suspiciously.

The Sheriff’s Department says a license plate number is a key piece of information to take down if you see a suspicious vehicle or driver, as it will provide officers with substantially more intel to complete an investigation.