Syracuse Shooting Suspect Caught, Charged With Murder & Attempted Murder

According to the Syracuse Police Department, 22-year-old Brandon Thomas Woody, has been caught by police. Woody has been charged with the murder of 19-year-old Joshua Knisley and the attempted murder of 23-year-old Tara Thornburg. Woody is being held at the Kosciusko County Jail with no bond. Thornburg said in the 911 call that Woody had shot her boyfriend in the head and knocked her out, before losing contact with the operator. The responding officer found her in the downstairs living room with a gunshot wound to the head, a laceration under her left eye and a pool of blood on the floor, according to the affidavit.

Knisley’s body was found in an upstairs bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head. The officer also found three unspent 9mm cartridges under the bed and one spent cartridge on the bed.
A Lutheran Hospital doctor told police the gun appeared to have been placed inside Thornburg’s mouth when she was shot. The bullet had entered through her mouth and gone through a vertebra.
Syracuse Police Chief Tony Ciriello said Woody was familiar with the victims.
Hours before his arrest, Woody posted on his Facebook page – under his rap performor alias, Cash Flow – that he “wasn’t involved.”
“I'm going to talk to them, (I don’t know) why my name is in this but I'll fix it,” he wrote.