Syracuse Town Offices Closed Due To COVID

The Syracuse Clerk’s Office in the town hall is closed because of COVID-19.

Clerk-Treasurer Virginia A. Cazier said, “The clerk’s office is closed because most employees had it. The police department also is closed today because of COVID.”

She said the town hall will get deep cleaned tonight, and there was no set date to reopen. A sign on the front door states the offices are closed. Cazier said a couple of employees are being tested, but the outcome of those tests were not received as of this afternoon.

Two employees, including Cazier, are still working but the doors are not open to the public. They did not test positive for the virus.

If anyone has been with the clerk’s office, they can call 574-457-3216; there is a drop box for payments or people can pay their bills online.

“We would appreciate it that when people come in, they wear their masks. We would appreciate that,” Cazier said, noting the virus is serious.