Tags Issued Next Week For Residents To Pick Trash Can Size

City of Warsaw Public Works Department is in the process of changing residents’ trash cans, and is asking residents to pick the can size they want.
The Department purchased a new side load garbage truck. Along with this purchase, the city will be furnishing cans to residential properties. The cans will be available in two sizes, 64 or 96 gallons.  Residents currently are using 96-gallon cans for recycling.
Public Works Superintendent Jeff Beeler said the Department is making the changes “to improve services and the cost-effectiveness of that program that is provided free to the residents of Warsaw.”
Beginning Monday through Jan. 29, city employees will be attaching yellow wire tags on one existing can at each residence after emptying the cans. The City of Warsaw Public Works Department is requesting the resident circle which size of can they would like – 64 or 96 gallons – on the tag and write their address on the tag as well.
Beeler said the 64- and 96-gallon cans are “really your only standard cart sizes for automated pick-up. The 96, which is the larger can, will provide enough room to pick up any (family’s trash) as long as they also utilize the recycle program, which the city also provides for free.”
Completed tags will be removed from the cans the week of Feb. 1 to 5 during regular trash pick-up. Each household will receive one new can.
“If a tag is not received from a homeowner, they will receive the default can of 96 gallons, which is really probably what 95 percent of Warsaw will be using,” Beeler.
There will be a number of steps behind the scenes in switching the trash cans for city residents. The Public Works Department must order the cans, assemble them, assign which ones go where based upon the survey and deliver them.
“We’ll be working on a solution to remove their current trash cans, if they so desire, for recycling,” Beeler said.
There will be an implementation of the new trash system, which could include route changes “to optimize the efficiency of the truck,” he said.
All items for pick-up must be inside the new can. Anything left outside of the new can will not be picked up. The can doesn’t cost the homeowner anything, so Beeler suggested they choose the bigger can to be on the safe side.
The City of Warsaw has taken the burden of the cost upon itself, he said, to provide a free service to the residents.
“We’ll be able to pick up trash faster. Manpower used will be less. It’ll be a one-man operation to do trash pick-up versus three. We’ll be using one truck versus two,” Beeler said.
Should a resident lose their tag next week, Beeler said they can call the street department.
“But the tag service is the way that it needs to be done,” he emphasized.

(Story By The Times Union)