Tall Grass Fine Increase Approved By South Bend Common Council

The South Bend Common Council approved an ordinance on Monday, June 22, hiking fines for tall grass within city limits.

Under the new ordinance, property owners will be fined $250 for the first time officials find grass on their property is taller than 9 inches. Repeat offenders could be fined $500 to $1,500 for each violation and face additional fees of $400 to $500 per year.

Previously, tall grass fines started at $20 for the first offense and went up from there.

The measure passed in a 7-2 vote, with Democrats Henry Davis Jr. (2nd District) and Oliver Davis (6th District) voting against it.

The council tabled a companion resolution encouraging the city of South Bend to hire teenagers and young adults to cut grass in the city, rather than having the Parks Department do it. That resolution will be heard again during the council’s July 27 meeting.