Thor Industries urge states to invest in rural “eRV” charging stations

Photo by Thor Industries shows a prototype featuring ample room to maneuver is central to the charging station concept. The added space helps create a safe, convenient charging experience for all users, especially owners of motorized eRVs and those using an EV car or truck to tow a travel or work trailer.
News Release

ELKHART — Thor Industries, a leader in the recreational vehicle industry, is proposing that states and communities invest in electric charging stations that serve the RV industry.

The Elkhart RV company has proposed a state-of-the-art concept for EV charging stations designed to serve a full range of ERVs  from small travel trailers to the largest Class A motorhomes.

In a news release, Thor Industries President and CEO Bob Martin said electrified transportation will play a central role in the future of RVing as eRVs become available for purchase.

The ideas were first outlined in a recent white paper commissioned by the RV Industry Association detailing the economic case for states to use some of the $7.5 billion federal EV funding currently available to build eRV-compatible pull-through charging stations. 

That paper is now being presented to state policymakers as part of an RV Industry Association lobbying effort.

Rural town governments that underwrite public eRV-compatible charging infrastructure will benefit by adding or creating a reason for visitors to stop and spend time discovering (and spending money) in their communities.