Thousands of gamers attend GenCon in Indianapolis

(Tom Franklin / 95.3 MNC)

Tens of thousands of game-enthusiasts flocked to Indianapolis this weekend to celebrate 50 years of history.

The GenCon convention offers over 16,000 events for fans of role-playing games, board games, card games, video games, movies, and anime. This year’s four-day assembly was the 50th on the books, and was held at the Indiana Convention Center. The convention has a contract guaranteeing it will continue to be held in Indianapolis each year through 2021.

Attendees checked out new table-top games, had gaming tournaments, and shopped for new games and accessories. The convention also brought out cosplayers, who dressed as their favorite characters from video games, comic books, anime, and pop culture.

The sold-out convention included the first ever expansion into Lucas Oil Stadium and featured a concert by They Might Be Giants.