Tippecanoe Valley launches Safe Schools Hotline

Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation hosts a Safe Schools Hotline, a service that provides a means of reporting incidents or possible threats before they happen, so TVSC can take the steps necessary to prevent them from taking place.

TVSC Safe Schools Hotline is a telephone application, voice or text message, that allows students, parents and members of the community to report threats of violence, bullying, suicide, theft, gang activity, drug use, vandalism or any other concern at any TVSC school. With this telephone application, when someone calls the number to report a threat or problem, the caller is prompted to leave a message along with any other important information.

The message is immediately transmitted via telephone, cellphone and email to the building administrators and the TVSC school resource officer. TVSC has the ability to manage the calls through a website, where school officials can see and download call reports. A full transcript of the call is transmitted with each email so that the administrator has firsthand knowledge of the call received. A school administrator will evaluate the potential threat level and respond accordingly.

People with firsthand knowledge of a potentially harmful situation should call the hotline at 574-387-3825.