Traffic Panel Discusses Alley Intersection Signage

Warsaw Traffic Safety Commission will review signage at all alleys in the city.
“We have lots of locations in town where we have signage at alley intersections that isn’t supported by any documentation or ordinances,” said Kip Shuter, traffic commission administrator, at the commission’s meeting Wednesday.
Jeff Beeler, street superintendent, said the city needs to make sure the signage is documented for stop signs at alley intersections because right now the city is unprotected without documentation.
“Not to say we can’t have stop signs at alleys, but we need to show why it should be there, and just because it has been there forever really doesn’t cover us,” Beeler said.
Beeler also informed the commission that battery backups will be placed in traffic signals. The battery backups will provide a two-hour period where a generator can be used for the lights if power goes out.
“We will try to do two a year,” Beeler said.
He said the goal is to put battery backups at the major intersections, then work back to the smaller intersections.
The cost is $6,000 per intersection for the upgrades. 
“This year we would like to do Center and Parker streets by Walgreens and Center Street and Frontage Road by Burger King,” Beeler said.
Shuter said the battery backups are a great thing.
“This is a long time coming, and I wish we had it a long time ago,” Shuter said.
Mike Klondaris, commission member, said he has seen residents riding their bicycles on city sidewalks which is not allowed by city ordinance.
Jim Emmans, city engineer, provided an update on Market Street and said that repaving on Bronson and Colfax streets will begin in June.

(Story By The Times Union)