Trial Continued for Oakwood Resort Noise Complaint

The Oakwood Resort is a popular vacation spot for those wanting to stay in a lakefront hotel on Lake Wawasee.
It also is facing a lawsuit from 10 local families located across the bay on Elwood and East George streets. Trial for the lawsuit has been continued to a later date after the preliminary hearing took place Wednesday.
The lawsuit states that the bands that are booked to play at the Oakwood Resort are too loud, and plaintiffs aim to stop the resort from having bands perform.
The music, particularly the bass, carries across the lake and “the noise from the Oakwood has reduced all of the plaintiffs’ ability to use and enjoy their property. The impact of the noise has hindered the plaintiffs’ from entertaining guests, sleeping at normal hours, and opening their windows on nice summer evenings. The consistent noise is diminishing the value of the properties,” according to the lawsuit filed with the Kosciusko County Circuit Court.
Oakwood Restaurant manager Rick Gibson says that he has already taken steps this lake season to ensure the happiness of his clients as well as all who want to enjoy the lake. He has personally changed the venue where bands play to a smaller area that does not face those across the bay, only books two-member bands to perform and ensures that they never play past midnight on weekends, he said.
Gibson has no qualms when he has to tell bands to “turn it down,” he said. He does not want to lose the revenue that the bands bring in, as nightlife is large attraction for hotel guests, but he also wants to accommodate the comfort of the community. He also confirmed that any recorded music that is played is only background music for the restaurant.
Ben Deterling, East George Street, is not involved with the lawsuit but said that the live music is loud. He could hear the high-decibel bass inside his home with the windows shut and air conditioning running. He understands why his neighbors have their complaints. Deterling also said that he cares about the community of Lake Wawasee. 
The Oakwood Resort is a valued institution in Syracuse, Deterling said, and he wants it to be successful as it has recently been renovated and reopened. He believes that he and his neighbors should understand that living in a resort town has its perks and deterrents. He noted that, prior to the lawsuit, the music this year has not been intrusive or annoying, and that obvious changes to how Oakwood entertains have been put in place in favor of the suit.

(Story from the Times Union)