Triton & Jimtown Schools To Hold Military Appreciation Night

Friday night's boys basketball game between Triton and Jimtown will be a Military Appreciate Night at Jimtown. The Jimtown players will wear special jerseys provided by the Indiana National Guard, there will be a special flag ceremony before the game, and the Michiana Blue Star Mothers will be on hand to accept items for care packages. Jimtown is offering a special $2 admission price for any person who brings an item to be donated to a serviceman or woman. Here is the list of items needed:

Food Items
Beef Jerky / Slim Jims
Hot Chocolate Packets
Instant Drink Mixes (Gatorade, Crystal Light)
Sunflower Seeds (salted)
Tuna in foil pouches (no cans)
Protein Bars
Gum and hard candy/Altoids/Mints
Granola Bars/Power Bars/Cereal Bars
Small Pkgs. Fig Newtons, Oreos, Cheese-its
Trail Mix
Dried Fruit
Fruit Roll-ups
Nuts: Peanuts, Mixed Nuts
Microwave Food (Popcorn, Chef-Boy-R-Dee, Mac’n & Cheese)
Cheese & Cracker Packs
Instant Oatmeal
Rice Krispie Treats (Store-bought only)
Juice Boxes/Drink Pouches
Individual Snack sized Peanut Butter
Chex Mix
Pudding Cups
Fruit (single sized servings)
Toiletries (No hotel samples)
Baby Wipes (Travel Size)
Liquid Hand Sanitizers (No pumps)
Body Wash, Liquid Soap
Shampoo/Conditional (Travel Size)
Hair Gel
Combs/Brushes/Bobby Pins
Eye Drops (i.e. Visine)
Nasal Spray
Deodorant (Travel Size)
Disposable Razors
Shaving Cream
Cotton Swabs
Band-aids, Gauze Pads, First Aid Kits
Lip Balm/Chap Stick
Foot Powder (Travel Size)
Tissues (Individual Packs)
Sunblock (SPF 45)
Hand & Body Lotion/Moisturizer (Travel Size)
Nail Files/Emery Boards/Nail Clippers
Feminine Hygiene Products
Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, Aspirin packs
Dental Floss
Disposable Hand and Feet Warmers
Insect Repellent Wipes
Mouthwash (Travel Size)
Fun Time Items
Pens/Mechanical Pencils
Stationery & Envelopes
Batteries (AA, AAA, C)
DVD Movies (New Releases)
Crossword Puzzle Books/Word Search Books/ Math Puzzle Books/Sodoku
Small Flashlights
Playing Cards
Magazines (Not older than 3 months)
Pre-paid international phone cards
Fly Strips
Soft cover books