Trump, Clinton on same stage, separate Q&A’s during televised Commander In Chief forum

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Donald Trump says he has regrets as a politician.

    He wishes he had won the Republican presidential nomination “in a nicer manner.” But he says voters shouldn’t worry about his temperament or judgment as commander in chief.

    The Republican presidential nominee made the comments during Wednesday night’s Commander In Chief Forum on national security, which aired on NBC and MSNBC.

    He cited his recent trip to Mexico as an example of his ability to serve as commander in chief.

    He noted that the Mexican officials who arranged the trip were forced out of government in recent days. He saw that as a good thing. He said, “That’s how well we did.”

    Appearing on the same stage, but in a separate Q&A, Hillary Clinton promised never again to send ground troops into Iraq.

    The Democratic presidential nominee said the same of Syria.

    She noted that roughly 200,000 troops were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan when she took over as secretary of state.

    She declared, “We are not putting ground troops into Iraq ever again.”