Trust brings funds to Bourbon Fire Department and EMS

(photo supplied / Bourbon Fire Department)

The motto of Bourbon, “Small Town, Big Heart,” was more than just words to the late Charles and Glendora Compton.

Donations from a trust set up 20 years ago by Glendora Compton in honor if her husband, Charles, will be used to provide added protection for the town. Both the fire department and the EMS received over $188,000.

The official announcement of the donations was made at the Bourbon Town Council meeting earlier this month. According to town attorney Mark Wagner, he and others had been working to verify information needed to receive the funds from the trust account. Among other stipulations, the trust was held for 20 years before the executors could release funds.

Charles’ love of his hometown was documented in a book published in 1985 that he authored with photos depicting the town’s history.

At this point, Fire Chief Brandon Chapman indicated that some of the donation could be used for improved ventilation in the fire station and a gear washing station. Since the town contracts with Lutheran Kosciusko Ambulance Service, stipulations within the trust prohibit paying for the contracted services; however, funds can be used for building repairs, utilities and the everyday operations of the ambulance service. The town does own the building where the ambulance is housed.

Council members expressed their gratitude on behalf of the town for the donation.

Story by Carol Anders, Times-Union