Turtle Crossing Signs Back Again This Year

Reminders are back up this year to watch out for rogue turtles crossing the street.  Homemade signs have been posted along common turtle crossing areas along Lake Street in Warsaw.

According to the Indiana Department of Resources, Eastern box turtle populations are declining in Indiana.  They have been given special protection in Indiana due to this concern.  It is against the law to possess an Eastern box turtle, its shell, eggs, or parts in Indiana.

If you help a box turtle cross the street, try to get it to the side of the road it was heading. Box turtles exhibit homing behavior and if a turtle is moved out of it’s homerange, he or she will tirelessly try to return to it.   A homerange is an area the turtle uses for finding water, food, mates and more. Box turtle homerange size can vary, but usually average 9 acres.