TVHS Media Class Off and Running

Tippecanoe Valley High School. (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)

Just a few weeks before the new school year got underway, Tippecanoe Valley High School put a radio and television class together for students.

As soon as word hit Nick Kindig’s ears, he got behind the idea of being one of the driving forces of the class. Coming out of high school, the 2013 Valley grad wanted to get into sports broadcasting, but opted for a teaching route instead.

The high school partnered with RTCtv4 and they now have a channel on the app and Roku channel, which showcases Tippecanoe Valley programming 24/7.

Seven students are currently in class, all who jumped on the opportunity to get involved with the class. Kindig said they sold the students on three different parts for the class…

Kindig hopes that Tippecanoe Valley TV can do more than just sports in the long run.

There is only the one class for students to take the radio/TV, but Kindig wants the class to build with more students and eventually, have two or three classes per day teaching the trade, and have more advanced classes for those who look to continue to pursue the career, or just want to get more in depth with their learning of broadcasting.

On Tuesday morning, the students in the class will do a live broadcast and interview to showcase who they are, what they enjoy, and what they hope to learn from the class as it continues.

According to a press release from the high school, the video content for the channels will be managed by RTC staff and personnel, but the productions will utilize a combination of RTC staff along with Tippecanoe Valley students, faculty, and community members trained and equipped in conjunction with RTC.

TVHS Principal Brandon Kresca shared, “We are beyond excited for this opportunity to work with RTC to provide a unique learning opportunity for students. We have kids who are very interested in a career in radio and television who are thrilled with this course offering. Not only will this partnership create opportunity for our students, but our community will have access to Tippecanoe Valley content 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We have so much to show our community about all the great things happening at Valley.”