University of Notre Dame rescinds honorary degree given to former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

(Spencer Marsh / News Now Warsaw)

After former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was found guilty by the Vatican of sex abuse and defrocked, the University of Notre Dame rescinded the honorary degree given to him in 2008.

The university issued the following statement:

“The Vatican has announced the conclusion of the abjudicatory process against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, finding that he transgressed his vows, used his power to abuse both minors and adults and violated his sacred duty as a priest. In accord with University President Rev. John I. Jenkins’ statement of Aug. 2, 2018, the University of Notre Dame is rescinding the honorary degree conferred in 2008.”

McCarrick, who in his prestigious red cardinal robes hobnobbed with presidents, other VIP politicians and pontiffs, is now barred from celebrating Mass or other sacraments including confession and from wearing clerical garb. He is to be referred to as Mr. McCarrick.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.