Update On Rovenstine, Soto, Bronson Cases

Several updates to report on the cases involving Kosciusko County Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine, convict Kevin Bronson and Grace College Professor Dr. Mark Soto. Bronson’s attorney, Erin Kinsman, filed a motion to withdraw as attorney on May 2 and Judge Evan Roberts approved Kinsman’s withdrawal. The court appointed Cliff Williams and Peter Todd as Bronson’s attorneys Tuesday. Also on May 2, Soto and his attorney, Scott Lennox, filed a motion for determination of proper jury venire. Special Prosecutor Nelson Chipman Jr. filed a motion to draw the jury pool from counties contiguous to Kosciusko on Monday. Then, on Wednesday, Rovenstine filed a verified motion of objection to the state’s request for change of venue. Bronson and Soto have jury trials set for Dec. 13. Rovenstine’s trial is set for Feb. 7.