USDA Turning Garbage Into Fuel

What do we do with all the garbage we throw out everyday?  It's a big problem in big cities, but wild ideas and crazy schemes for dealing with the garbage crisis are starting to pay off. The U-S Department of Agriculture…. it's not just about corn and cows… USDA deals a lot with bio-refineries….and they just announced $105 Million loan guarantee for one that's turning city garbage into jet fuel…..and the company – Fulcrum Sierra BioFuels has already cut a deal with an airline to sell the jet fuel….but this isn't the first of it's kind…. The Fremont Community Digester is just up the road in Fremont, Michigan and it's turning food and farm waste into biogas that's fueling electric generators…..and now?? – jet fuel… if this one flies it could revolutionize how we deal with trash.