Viral Email Warning

The Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department detectives are warning citizens of viral email that is being received by county residents advising of false court notifications.

Kosciusko County Clerk Treasure Ann Torpy and Sheriff’s Department detectives are warning of a recent email that has been received that has a potential virus attached. Torpy and detectives were made aware on Thursday morning of an email that was sent to a local citizen stating that they were to appear on a specific time and date to a court hearing. Upon opening the email, a potential virus is then attached to the recipients email from an outside source.

Torpy advised that the Kosciusko County Clerk’s Office does not make notifications to the public through the use of email, but rather the U.S. Postal Service or the Sheriff’s Department. Detectives also stated that they are unaware of any court service that uses email as a source of legal notification for proceedings.

K.C.S.D. Detectives advised that if citizens received a suspicious email from an unknown source, it is best to simply delete before clicking and opening the email or risk a possible viral infection to your computer.