Warmer weather means flea season is extended

The extended warm weather not only means it’s not feeling particularly like fall right now, but it’s also allowing an annoying pest to stick around.

Fleas are getting an extended season due to the warmer weather, and if you have anything from squirrels to stray animals in your neighborhood, you should probably take steps to make sure they stay off your pets.

“One little flea coming into the household, whether it comes in on a pet or jumps on your pant leg and you actually bring it into the house… is going to very quickly create a flea population in the home,” says Dr. Dan Rodgers from Aboite Animal Hospital.

He tells ABC 21 fleas can lead to severe illnesses in both humans and animals. If you find any in your home, take your pet to the vet for medication, then look into treating your home as well.