Warner Appointed Replacement Claypool Clerk

    CLAYPOOL – Patricia Warner was named the new clerk-treasurer for Claypool during a special town council meeting Tuesday.
    Council President Niki Miller motioned during the brief meeting to hire Warner, one of three candidates for the position vacated by new Clerk-Treasurer Beth Brewer. Brewer was elected in November but resigned for health reasons.
    Warner was the preferred candidate because of her experience, Miller said, and will begin the full-time position after being sworn in at the county clerk’s office this morning. Suzie Bloom was the other eligible applicant; a third did not live in Claypool so could not be considered.
    Warner is currently the owner of the Claypool Inn and has been the supervisor for a convenience store. She said she “balances the books all day” and so is familiar with a town clerk’s duties, and added that she applied for the position because “I’ve been here a few years and I knew there weren’t a lot of candidates, but a lot of work needs done.”
    The special meeting was needed to appoint a replacement clerk rather than a party caucus because Brewer was elected as a Libertarian, and town attorney John Barrett couldn’t find a Libertarian party at the county level. He checked instead with the Libertarian Party of Indiana, and the chairman “gave his blessing to (council appointing) a resident who was interested,” according to Miller.