Warsaw Art students receive 49 awards in 2020 Scholastic Art Awards Competition

(Photo supplied/Warsaw Community Schools)
Warsaw Community High School Art students were highly decorated again this year at the 2020 Scholastic Art Awards Competition. In another amazingly successful year, Warsaw Art students received 49 awards in the individual entry categories and one award in the Senior Portfolio category.

The Gold Key winners go on for the next round of judging at the national level in New York! The recognition for individual student artists is a great honor and having artwork on display at a well-known gallery is very prestigious.

The individual students receiving Gold Key Awards are Perry Nolan, Michael Rowland, Grant Knight, Kaylee Ochoa, Sara Peugh, Jamisen Savage, each with one and Josie Leininger with two Golds.

The Silver Key winners are Emily Goon, Bella McClone, Jackson Moeller, Kayla Daniels, Emily Huhn, Kaitlin Kauffman, Josie Leininger, Marleen Leyva, and Kaylee Ochoa.

Also recognized with Honorable Mention Awards and included in the exhibit are Anna Bowald, Cameron Brown, Zach Martinez, Bella McClone, Daniela Ochoa, Emmalynn Reagan, Hannah Schultz, Brooklyn Slone, Sarah Dille, Emily Huhn, Melissa Knight, Valerie Lopez, Megan Mishler, Sara Peugh, and Alex Price.

Multiple HM awards went to Megan Goodwin, Sophie Damron, Ian Peloza, Haley Brown, and Abigail Seese, each with two, and Kaitlin Kauffman and Jamisen Savage each with three.

In addition to the individual entries, the seniors in AP Studio Art also submitted their complete portfolios for judging. The portfolio is a chance for senior students to pull together their finest pieces and package them into a well-organized and thoughtful presentation of their body of work. These are considered for scholarship applications, entrance into fine art programs, and become half of their AP portfolio for college credit.

Representing Warsaw, Chloe Romack presented an outstanding portfolio and achieved a Silver Key award.

The above students will receive special recognition at the awards presentation at the University of Saint Francis on February 16th, and the students’ works will be on display at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art until April 11th.

Artwork by Kaitlin Kaufman (Photo Provided: Warsaw Community Schools)
Artwork by Ian Peloza (Photo Provided: Warsaw Community Schools)
Artwork by Chloe Romack (Photo Provided: Warsaw Community Schools)