Warsaw Board of Public Works and Safety Meeting Info

Phillip Hawkins was sworn in during Friday’s Warsaw Board of Public Works and Safety meeting as a Warsaw Police Department officer.
Hawkins was sworn in by Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer. Hawkins will have completed his one year probationary period as of Monday and was approved to receive a $1,774.80 bi-weekly salary.
The board also approved renewing applications for Fast Cab, David Cesaretti, and American Transportation on Time, Kerry and Heidi Clear. 
The board approved a request to purchase a new 2014 Bobcat skid loader for $7,671.20 from Bobcat of Warsaw.
The board also:
 • Approved the clerk’s office paying for a 2015 Ram Truck for $29,762.87 upon delivery for the Wastewater Utility department.
• Approved a $6,300 contract between the Stormwater Utility Department and Center For Lakes and Streams at Grace College. This is for stormwater education for Grace College.
• Approved a two-year agreement between Wildman Business Group for uniform and rug service.
• Approved two change orders with G & G Hauling for the south side fire station site work.
• Approved a $4,745 contract with Quine Freeman and Warsaw Police Department for installation of gas unit heaters in the three-bay garage at WPD.
• Approved an agreement between the city and Canterbury House apartments for the city to regulate traffic on the apartment complex property.
• Approved a $9,484.83 contract between the public works department and Bobcat Of Warsaw to purchase a new jack hammer attachment to fit the Bobcat.
• Approved a contract between the city of Warsaw and Turner Valentine LLP for legal services for 2015.
• Approved 2015 wages for Nick King, airport manager, $1,731.97 bi-weekly; Jeremy Skinner, city planner, $2,279.53 bi-weekly; Todd Slabaugh, $27.81 an hour; Hal Heagy, cemetery sexton, $1,924.30 bi-weekly; Lynne Christiansen, clerk-treasurer, $2,151.30 bi-weekly; Mike Brubaker, fire chief, $2,481.27; Jennifer Whitaker, human resources director, $2,007.77 bi-weekly; Joe Thallemer, mayor, $2.523.64 bi-weekly; Larry Plummer, parks superintendent, $2,208.58 bi-weekly; Scott Whitaker, police chief, $2,562.15 bi-weekly; Jeff Beeler, street superintendent. $1,196.54 bi-weekly; and Brian Davison, wastewater utility manager, $2,543.57 bi-weekly.
• Approved a $8,610.42 contract with Nicorr and the Warsaw Municipal Airport to allow the airport to purchase materials to insulate the shop at the airport.

(Story By The Times Union)