Warsaw Community School Board hears Summer School Report

The Warsaw Community Schools summer program was scaled back this year, but still produced results, according to program coordinator JoElla Smyth.

Smyth presented the school board with a report on the summer school program at the monthly board meeting Monday. Smyth said the school corporation funds the summer program and then waits to see how much the state reimburses. She said they expect a full reimbursement from the state this year.

Dan Graney, a teacher in the summer program, spoke of the Kindergarten Countdown program, which is designed to take kids with no formal preschool and prepare them for kindergarten.

He said 50 students participated in the program this  year and 50 percent of them learned to count to 20 by the end of the summer. He said 92 percent of them showed overall growth in learning and skills.

Graney also spoke of the Iread program which works with students who have difficulty reading. According to Graney, 35 of the 37 enrolled third graders were able to improve their reading test score, and 24 passed the test. The schools are administration are finding solutions to work with the other 13, he said.

Angel Blakely discussed the writing, math and reading program for grades 4 through 7. Blakely said all the average improvement across the board showed growth, using a writing rubric given to teachers.

In other business the school board honored the Claypool Elementary Student Council. Students present on projects they’ve been spearheading at the school including raising money for animal shelter, organizing a debate club, and a cooking club. They explained how they used 21st century skills such as critical thinking and communication to accomplish the tasks.
•The school board unanimously approved a use of an easement for the town of Winona Lake. The right way is a sidewalk by Jefferson Elementary, to create easier access to Kings Highway.

•The school board unanimously approved a request by Lakeview Middle School’s principal to travel out of state with four staff members to attend a conference in Maryland.

•The school board unanimously approved a proposed budget to be heard in public hearing on Oct. 3.