Warsaw Community Schools Have eLearning Day Tomorrow

The first ever eLearning day for Warsaw Community Schools will take place tomorrow. It’s part of the new plan to make up school days missed because of winter weather and still end the school year in May. Teachers will post lessons for each student and class on eLearning days by 9 a.m. on the school district’s website. Those lessons will be organized by school and grade level and each teacher’s page will provide specific instructions for the assignments. If the teacher has included a parent signature form for student assignments, parents or guardians will need to sign and return the form to the school to verify the lesson has been completed.

The assignments may be completed on the actual e-learning day, or may be turned in any time prior to start of school on the following Thursday to allow the students to be counted as in attendance. If a student fails to turn in the assignment by the deadline, they will be counted absent for that day. Students can complete the work at home or wherever they might happen to be, at the high school media center, at each elementary school or at the computers at the Warsaw Community Public Library. If you need more information, click HERE for the school corporation’s website.