Warsaw & Elkhart Police Salaries

It turns out Elkhart police salaries lag behind many other Indiana agencies. Entry level pay for Elkhart police ranked ninth when compared to 10 other departments of similar size. The starting salary for local police is just over 43-thousand dollars with nearly 20 percent of the salary for first-year officers going toward insurance. The Elkhart Police Department prepared the study, according to Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore, who says revenues are expected to shrink next year, making it impossible to allow a significant increase in pay for police. According to statetroopersalary.com, the average salary for police officers in Warsaw is $39,785 with a starting salary of $32,764. The salary for Police Officers in Warsaw is higher than the average Police Officers salary. However the cost of living in Warsaw is also very high. The cost of living in Warsaw is 11% higher than the national average.