Warsaw Establishes Hazardous Materials Response Fund

Warsaw City Council Monday approved on first reading establishing a hazardous material response fund for services provided by the Warsaw-Wayne Township Fire Territory.
It will be called the Hazmat Response Fund and will be maintained by charges imposed on a person who is a responsible party with respect to a hazardous materials emergency. 
Revenue collected for hazardous materials response and added to the fund may be used only for the purchase of supplies and equipment used in providing hazardous materials emergency assistance, and payment to the persons with whom the fire department contracts to provide services related to the hazardous materials emergency assistance provided by the fire territory.
Billing for services of the fire territory for hazardous materials response will be based on the state fire marshal’s annually published schedule of service charges for fire protection.
The responsible party is subject to a penalty for failure to pay the full amount of the charges for services within 60 days after the issuance of the bill. The penalty is 10 percent of the amount of the charge that remains unpaid on the due date.
The council also approved a $600,000 additional appropriation from funds provided by Parkview Hospital for reconstruction of Mariner Drive from Husky Trail to North Pointe Drive.

(Story By The Times Union)