Warsaw grad working with engineering at the Indy 500

(photo supplied / IUPUI)

A Warsaw Community High School graduate is working with an engineering team for his first Indy 500.

After graduating from Warsaw in 2014, Darren Brubaker went on to IUPUI. He’s now a senior with only one more class to finish this summer for his degree.

At the School of Engineering and Technology, he’s been working for Ed Carpenter Racing for nearly a year.

Today you can see him wearing GoDaddy green while he’ll be tracking the fuel supply for the No. 13 car driven by Danica Patrick.

“I use almost all of what I’ve done in school,” said Brubaker, who raced as a teenager against current Indy 500 drivers Sage Karam and Spencer Pigot. “I’m really grateful for my instructors. They’ve been really helpful and have a lot of industry experience. They’re both really good at not only getting the knowledge across, but also a lot of added knowledge that’s very helpful when you get into the position.

“You listen to what they say in class, and you think it’s going to be a little different, but then when I got onto the team and started actually interacting and seeing everything for myself, it was exactly everything they explained.”

IUPUI students have helped race teams and the IndyCar Series for years.