Warsaw man accused of stalking on same day as jail release

A Warsaw man has been arrested for stalking someone who had a protective order against him, and he is accused of doing it the same day he was released from jail for a related incident.

26-year-old Christopher Lee Dean had previously been convicted of identity deception and criminal trespassing for waiting in the woods behind the victim’s residence, planning to approach it after dark to try to talk with the victim. When approached by police, he gave officers a fake name.

Dean served time on that conviction until April 23, 2017, when he was released. That was also the day he again allegedly violated the protective order against him.

The protective order had been issued in November of 2016 and was presented to Dean in January of 2017. It said he must “refrain from harassing, annoying, telephoning, contacting, or directly or indirectly communicating” with the victim, as well as staying away from their “residence, school, and place of employment”, according to court documents.

Two people, including the victim, say they saw Dean messing with the mailbox at the victim’s residence. A Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Deputy then found him walking nearby.

Court documents say Dean also sent text messages to the victim on April 23 and 24, which violates the protective order.

Dean has been booked into Kosciusko County Jail late Friday for a felony charge of stalking. Bond is set at $20,250.