Warsaw man faces charges for hitting a minor with cooking grill lid

A Warsaw man is arrested after police allege he hit a minor with a cooking grill lid.

35-year-old Joshua Hamilton is facing a charge of domestic battery to a minor. The charge comes from an incident on May 28.

A woman looking for help flagged down a bystander. The bystander said the woman appeared to be in distress and had a large red mark on her back.

Upon arriving at the scene, a Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department deputy met with the woman who had a large scrape on her back, but was reluctant to speak with police, according to court documents.

Police say they overheard the woman tell her mother that if she tells police what happened, she feared her children would be taken away, court records state.

She later told police that Hamilton had thrown a cooking grill and the lid had hit the minor in the mouth.

The woman denied that her marks had come from being hit with the grill.

Police say Hamilton fled into the woods, and the woman yelled at him to run and hide. Police were unable to locate Hamilton.

A warrant was issued for Hamilton on June 12. Hamilton also had an active warrant for a probation violation.

Hamilton is being held in the county jail on a $14,250 bond.