Warsaw mayoral candidates file campaign finance reports

Warsaw mayoral candidates, Left to Right: incumbent Joe Thallemer, City Councilman Ron Shoemaker

Campaign finance reports for the period from Jan. 1 to April 12 were due Monday and show that incumbent Mayor Joe Thallemer started and ended with more cash on hand than challenger Ron Shoemaker.

Thallemer, who has served eight years as Warsaw mayor, started with $34,047.83 cash on hand and investments at the beginning of the period.

He received two corporate contributions in the period and reported no individual contributions. One was for $250 from Cox Studios Inc., Warsaw, owned by City Councilman Mike Klondaris, and the other was from Bartel Printing Co. Inc. for $860.

His expenditures totaled $9,807.85, leaving cash on hand and investments at the close of the period at $24,239.98.

The only debt owed by the Committee to Elect Joe Thallemer is $7,000 to Thallemer. Thallemer paid that amount with his own credit card to Digital Marketing Services.

Shoemaker was elected by caucus in November 2015 to fill the District 2 seat that was vacated after Councilman Charlie Smith died in a plane crash Oct. 2, 2015.

He started the period with $109.11 cash on hand and investments.

His contributions totaled $13,408.10.

Individual contributers included Krysta Fussle, $1,500; Dan Fussle, $1,500; Sheal Dirck, Kosciusko County Fair Board treasurer, $4,000; Klondaris, $100; Wes Stouder, $250; Ashley Finney, $1,000; and Jon Fussle, $800.

Corporate contributions made to the Friends of Ron Shoemaker included $500 from Quick Clean Laundry; $1,000, Carey Excavating; and $2,000 from Mavron Corp.

Shoemaker reported his expenditures for the period totaled $11,828.57, leaving his campaign with $1,579.53. No debt is owed by the committee.