Warsaw woman thrilled to win golf cart at Ornament Smash

Jaden Van Diegenbos sits in the driver's seat of her new golf cart Thursday night minutes after winning the vehicle at 107.3 WRSW's Ornament Smash. She's seated next to her husband, Kyle. Also pictured is Travis Dice, owner of Lucky 7 Car Company, and his family. News Now Warsaw photo by Dan Spalding.
By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW – A first-time player who just got married was the ultimate winner Thursday night at the 12th annual Ornament Smash and took home a souped-up golf cart.

Jaden Van Diegenbos, wearing a large red gift box as festive Christmas attire, was seated in the front row and perfectly positioned to run up on stage when her winning number was announced.

“I am blown away – I’m so excited,” she said seconds after the winning number was announced.

She won her blue ticket that qualified her for the big prize Tuesday when she got the cue to call while listening to 107.3 WRSW, the longtime sponsor of the holiday event.

Thursday’s game show was the first she and her husband, Kyle had attended at the Performing Arts Center.

Her immediate thoughts after qualifying Tuesday weren’t exactly on the golf cart.

“Everybody hopes to (win) but I was just happy to be on the radio,” she said with a giddy laugh.

She and Kye were joined on stage by the WRSW radio staff and the Lucky 7 Car Store owners, Travis Dice and his family.

“We are so excited. We can really use this golf cart. He takes me to a lot of tractor shows,” she said.

The cart is valued at $14,999.

The vehicle is a top-of-the-line 2023 Icon that includes four seats, an extended top and seat belts, according to Travis Dice.