Warsaw woman uninjured after gas station canopy collapses on parked truck in Illinois

The weight of heavy snow in north central Illinois caused a gas station canopy to collapse onto a truck in Mendota, Illinois. (Photo: Charles Van Horn, WGLC/Studstill Media)

MENDOTA, Ill. — A Warsaw woman was uninjured after a gas station canopy collapsed on her truck while it was parked at a north central Illinois station.

According to radio station WGLC-FM in Mendota, Illinois, Michelle Blocher was inside of the Road Ranger gas station near Interstate 39 and US 34 around 2:30 PM local time Monday, when the weight of snow on top of the canopy was said to collapse the south end of the structure, bringing it down on the truck that Blocher had been driving.

Blocher was said to be driving the truck as part of an escort for an oversized load.

Mendota is about 170 miles northwest of Warsaw and 80 miles west of downtown Chicago.