Wawasee POA announces July 4th fireworks still planned to launch; “Largest Fireworks Show on Record”

Some of the fireworks from the 2019 show. (Photo by Peter Wallace, Wallyography)

The Wawasee Property Owners Association announced on Friday morning that they are still planning on launching fireworks on the Fourth of July from the center of Lake Wawasee.

The press release stated that the WPOA will produce its “largest show on record with past shows already being the largest in northern Indiana.”

WPOA Firework Chair Chris Campbell added, “There is no other show like it in the state of Indiana.”

The on-water event uses ten 25-foot-long barges spread across the lake to launch the fireworks on Lake Wawasee. “Few Independence Day shows can boast being a multi-location shoot, and the WPOA is among this exclusive few,” the release went on to state.

The fireworks will happen at 10:15 PM on Saturday, July 4th on Lake Wawasee. You will be able to hear choreographed music during the show on Willie 103.5 FM.

For more information about the Wawasee Property Owners Association Independence Day fireworks, visit www.wawaseefireworks.com.

Map showing where the fireworks will be launched, along with viewing locations. (Map provided)