WCS Board of School Trustees Approve eLearning Days for 2016-2017 Calendar

WCS Press Release – During the February 20, 2017 Warsaw Board of School Trustees meeting, a modification was made to the 2016-2017 school year calendar to include eLearning Days. Currently, Warsaw Community Schools (WCS) has experienced four (4) winter cancellation days. All Indiana schools are mandated by law to have a calendar of 180 student instructional days. The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) has approved eLearning days as a method to make-up missed instructional days.

Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert stated, “The IDOE has approved a number of state-wide and local schools for eLearning days. WCS has spent the last couple years investigating and preparing for eLearning options through the advancement of our technology infrastructure, 1 computer to every child ratio and shifts toward technology inclusion within the curriculum. As these areas have advanced, parents and community members has increasingly asked about the option of eLearning days. In no fashion is this a replacement of teachers, but instead a differing learning style of technology rich skills helping to prepare students for many of the delivery platforms utilized in college and industry.”

The 2016-2017 E-Learning days will take place on Saturday, April 22nd and Saturday, May 6th . Students will have until the following Thursday to submit assignments from the day. Further information can be found on the WCS website at www.warsaw.k12.in.us. Due to the approved calendar modifications, the last student day is currently scheduled for May 31, 2017.