Wheel Tax Passed

Amid concerns from residents that taxes might be slapped on other parts of a car, Kosciusko County Council passed a wheel tax and surtax. Council voted 5-1 in favor of the $25 yearly surtax on vehicles below 11,000 pounds and wheel tax of $40 on larger vehicles. Councilman Jon Fussle voted against the taxes, as he did during the regular June 12 session, requiring the special meet. The county will start collecting the money in January and receiving it in 2016. The term of the taxes is 20 years, which is how long it will take the county to get to where it needs to be on its roads, and council will review them every May. The taxes are expected to generate about $2 million a year, of which $600,000 will go to towns in Kosciusko. They were proposed as a dedicated source of funding for the county highway department, which has been supplemented from other funds for several years.